My first lingerie


I was sixteen when I got my first set of lingerie.  Too young you say? Well it was going into my dowry. Haha I feel so old even using that word.  My mom and I went shopping at a lingerie store to add some nightgowns and intimate apparels to my dowry.  Every ugly granny thing she could find she bought for me.  And the stuff was EXPENSIVE!!!!  We did not have money, yet she did not think twice about spending $50 for a robe that looked like Edith Bunker wore.   I never saw her wear anything sexy either.

When I turned eighteen, I discovered Fredrick’s of Hollywood.  I was on cloud nine.  Sure I could not buy anything to be used in the bedroom but at least I could look at their catalogs.  I dreamed of being those girls. They were so lucky I thought!!

Years later when I got married I had so much lingerie they were coming out from every drawer.  I am still guilty of that.   And no, I did not use anything my mom wasted money on. I actually gave some of the robes back to her and some to my mother in law.   If my mom sees what’s in my drawers now I think she would faint ;).



About Lola's PlayGround

Lola's PlayGround is all about me. It's what I like, what I want and what I fantasize about. Ever since I was a little girl I always felt very sexual but never in a girly way, if that makes sense at all. I am a total tomboy. Love sports and martial arts, I kick ass in the ring and love to get down and dirty in the mud. But there is this side of me that just loves to dress sexy and be naughty. I always struggled with being good or bad. And bad is not really bad just I guess not your standard society good. What you see is what you get with me. I am straight forward and always tell the truth, unfortunately for me sometimes. So I opened up an online store and decided to sell products that are all about me. I don't really care what's in or out, I care about what makes me feel good and hopefully what makes you feel good. So drop by my store at and look around. Drop me a line and let me know your thoughts. I am new to this so forgive the faux pas that I will be leaving all around me. Hey!!!! What are you waiting for come to my PlayGround and lets play!!

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